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An escape room is a live-action entertainment experience where players are locked in a room full of puzzles and clues, ​and have to use their wits to uncover the mysteries of the room and escape before the 60-minute clock expires.

For your peace of mind, our rooms are equipped with commercial-grade access control systems that allow players to come and go as they please during the game by pressing a button. ​However, to successfully “escape” the room, you must find the key or code that is hidden in the room.

We don’t have a 3 clue rule. We actually want you to escape, because that’s way more fun.
So although our rooms are built to be challenging, we customize each experience based on what your group needs to give you the best chance of escaping.

If you ask for a clue, we’ll give you one. And if you’re getting to far off track, we’ll go ahead and give you a nudge in the right direction.
There is no limit on the number of clues you can get, and you will not be penalized for asking for help.

Our puzzles are designed to test your mental agility and problem solving skills.
​Some rooms may require you to climb, dip, duck or scoot in order to solve a puzzle, but no heavy sweating required.

No, we have no intention of scaring you. Though the plot itself may be a bit chilling, we’re not trying to be a haunted house.
Some rooms may feature elements such as lasers, ​fog and/or other thematic elements, but no one is going to jump out and frighten you.

No. All of our rooms can be solved using the clues found within the room.
All you need is your brain and great teamwork to solve the multitude of challenges you will encounter.

The level of difficulty ranges from puzzle to puzzle. What stumps an adult, may require a youthful imagination.

​Children 5 and up will need a ticket to play and must be accompanied by a paying adult participant (21 and older).
Those 4 and under are free to play. There’s nothing scary or inappropriate in any of our rooms unless otherwise noted,
​but we find that some themes may be too intense or difficult for those under age 8.

​For age-appropriate recommendations, feel free to give us a call!

All of our rooms have been upgraded to private experiences,
so you’ll never play with strangers no matter how many people are in your group.

The more people you bring, the more you save!

Pricing (All Private Rooms)*:
8-10 Players – $25 Per Person
7 Players – $28 Per Person
6 Players – $30 Per Person
4-5 Players – $35 Per Person
2-3 Players – $40 Per Person

* Plus Taxes and Fees

Tickets are non-refundable.
​If you need to reschedule your booking for some reason, please give us at least 24 hours notice to do so.
We will not be able to move your booking with less than 24 hours to your booking start time.

Our games are designed for groups of up to 8, but people often ask to add extra players.
As a result, we will allow a maximum of 10 players in each of our experiences–but no more.

Parking is available on the street in front of our building.

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time to check-in.

We have to remain punctual for groups that come after yours.
As a rule, your 60 minutes will begin at your scheduled start time, even if members of your group are not present. ​

If you arrive 10 minutes or more past your scheduled start time,
you may not be allowed to join a game that is already in progress.
If this occurs, we will try to move your group to a game at a later time if possible,
but cannot guarantee that you will be rescheduled.

Absolutely! We can accommodate team building events for up to 30 people at a time.
We offer custom start times Monday – Friday from 9:00a – 1:30p.
Parties of over 30 can also be accommodated, but will be divided into multiple start times.
Custom start times are only available for groups of 10 or more.
Send us an email at to start scheduling your team building event and to obtain pricing information.

Please submit your tax exempt form to us prior to booking a room by sending it to

After emailing your tax exempt form, please give us a call to complete your booking over the phone. ​
​Please do not attempt to purchase the tickets without this code as ​we cannot issue refunds after a purchase has been made.

No, you will not play with strangers.
All of our rooms are automatically private experiences, ​no matter how many tickets you purchase!

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! You can complete the check-in process in advance by having each player fill out this form:
The Escape Room Florence Waiver