The Rooms

"Explore New Worlds"

It's the year 2150, and Earth has become uninhabitable for the human race.

You and a host of other passengers are traveling through interstellar space on board the Atlas 8, a spacecraft designed to take you to your new home: an earth-sized planet called Kepler 452B.

After decades of uninterrupted flight, the Atlas 8 suddenly encountered cosmic rays from a nearby star that have damaged the ship's guidance system, incapacitated crew members, and left the ship sailing off course into the great void of space.

Your mission is to repair the damaged guidance system, take command of the ship in place of the captain, and correct the ship's course toward Kepler 452B.

The once bright hope of the human race has all but faded. Stray from your mission, and the light of mankind will be snuffed out. But persist, and it will continue to shine on from our new home among the stars.

Leaderboard Team Name

Time Remaining

Three Real


Fox Trot


The Shmuks




Rider Die


"ESCAPE From Prison"

While working as an undercover spy investigating the KGB's plans for a new super weapon,
your partner double crosses you, landing you in a high security Soviet prison.

The intelligence you've gathered is critical, so it's vital you escape and return home.
Your captors are preparing the interrogation room and this will be your best chance to slip through their fingers.
They've left you handcuffed and will return in an hour.

Can you escape, or will you find out exactly what the KGB does to extract information from spies?

Leaderboard Team Name

Time Remaining

The Ash-Holes


Team 7




9 nice!


Wos Pack


"outsmart The Big Bad Wolf"

Emerald Forest is a magical place. Pixies, gnomes, unicorns and all sorts of fairy tale creatures live together in perfect harmony.
Everyone except the Big Bad Wolf, who is constantly terrorizing the other villagers with mischief and misconduct.

Recently, he’s decided that impersonating grannies and blowing down houses isn’t quite as lucrative as stealing
priceless artifacts, and he’s finally gotten his hands on the most priceless artifact of all: The Golden Egg.

As Knights of the King’s Court, it’s up to you to find everything he stole and return it to its rightful owners.
The Big Bad Wolf has the egg hidden somewhere in his cabin, and you only have a limited time to search it while he’s away.

Can you retrieve the egg and other stolen artifacts in time, or will your story end not-so-happily ever after?

Leaderboard Team Name

Time Remaining

Wos Pack


Three Reel


Rider Die


8 Little Pigs


I Luv Puzzlleesss!!!


"Find The Cure"

The world is in chaos after chemical warfare and nuclear fallout have decimated the population.

Chemical X poisons the atmosphere making outdoor travel a death sentence. Your team of survivors received a radio message that a nearby bunker had uncovered a cure. With food stores running low, you've decided to make the dangerous journey in hopes that the cure is real.

When you arrive, you find the bunker locked and are beginning to feel the effects of radiation from the environment.
Can you break into the bunker and find the cure, or will you become yet another victim of Chemical X?

Leaderboard Team Name

Time Remaining



Dylan's Dogs


Zach Attack


I Love Pezulless!!!


Radioactive Zombies